3 Reasons To Embrace An Early Childhood Education Program

When choosing care for their children, parents face a seemingly endless array of options. One option is a preschool or pre-k program that focuses on early childhood education. While early childhood education programs incorporate many options for play, they also strive to develop a strong educational foundation. Here are a few reasons for parents to embrace an early childhood education program.  1. Kids Develop an Early Appreciation for Learning It's never too early to get children excited to learn. Read More 

How To Inspire Toothbrushing Through Reading

Young children may not want to brush their teeth for a variety of reasons. They may not have the fine motor skills to easily brush, they may be intimidated by an unfamiliar activity, or they may simply have not built the habit of brushing their teeth yet. However, it's important that young children brush their teeth every day. The good news is that parents have many tools available to help inspire an interest in tooth brushing. Read More 

Has Your Family Recently Moved To The United States?

If your family has recently moved to the United States, you are probably having tremendously mixed emotions, aren't you? For one thing, you might miss friends and family members that you left behind. However, perhaps you are all very excited about the adventures that await you in your new city. Welcome! Do you and your children speak English already? If so, you are more than likely very grateful that you learned it before you moved to the United States. Read More 

3 Ways To Motivate Your Child To Learn How To Read

For many kids, learning how to read is an exciting adventure. For others, it can seem like a frustrating chore that is less than enjoyable. If your child is learning to read and he or she is less than motivated to try, here are some ways you can get him or her motivated.   Read Books About Your Child's Interests Instead of going with the standards texts for teaching your child to read, look for books that discuss his or her interests. Read More 

Three Tips To Help Your Child Have A Smooth Transition To Daycare

Enrolling your child in a daycare program can be an essential task for parents that work full time. Unfortunately, it is a reality that many new parents may not be entirely sure of the steps that should be taken to prepare their child for daycare. To help you ensure that this experience goes as smoothly as possible for your child, you should be mindful of the following basic daycare preparation tips for your child. Read More