How To Inspire Toothbrushing Through Reading

Young children may not want to brush their teeth for a variety of reasons. They may not have the fine motor skills to easily brush, they may be intimidated by an unfamiliar activity, or they may simply have not built the habit of brushing their teeth yet. However, it's important that young children brush their teeth every day. The good news is that parents have many tools available to help inspire an interest in tooth brushing. One of the easiest ways to get your child to brush their teeth is by reading books about tooth brushing. 

Choose Books That Will Hold Your Child's Interest

There are many great books about dental hygiene available for young children. While you may want to grab one that worked for a friend's child or one that comes highly recommended, it is important that you take your child's interests in mind. If they are interested in dinosaurs, find a book with a tyrannosaurus brushing its teeth. This will get them excited about reading the book regularly. 

Select A Book That Deals With Your Child's Issue

Is your child afraid of their toothbrush? Do they not want to stop playtime to brush their teeth? Do they simply not know how to brush their teeth? Figure out your child's specific issue around tooth brushing and purchase a book that addresses it. 

Adopt the Language of the Book 

After you've read the book with your child, adopt the language and story into your tooth brushing. You may use the book's terminology for plaque or brushing. Alternatively, you can remind your child of what happened in the story as inspiration to start brushing. You can ask your child what they are supposed to do next and what the main character from the book did right or wrong during the story. 

Integrate the Book Into Your Daily Routine

Just like brushing your child's teeth once won't create a habit, neither will reading the book once. If it is a short book, you might read it every day before tooth brushing. If it is longer, you might integrate it into your nighttime routine twice a week to help your child learn the lessons in the book and become more familiar with brushing their teeth. 

Books can be an excellent way to teach your child many basic skills. However, it's important to know how to use these books as a tool. By sharing your interest in the book and tooth brushing, you will likely inspire your child's interest as well. 

To learn more, contact a resource that provides children's books to help them want to brush their teeth.