3 Ways To Motivate Your Child To Learn How To Read

For many kids, learning how to read is an exciting adventure. For others, it can seem like a frustrating chore that is less than enjoyable. If your child is learning to read and he or she is less than motivated to try, here are some ways you can get him or her motivated.  

Read Books About Your Child's Interests

Instead of going with the standards texts for teaching your child to read, look for books that discuss his or her interests. For instance, if your child likes trains, a book about the history of trains could be the motivation he or she needs to read.  

Even though your child might not be reading the text you want him or her to, you have to remember that the idea is to get him or her started on the road to reading. Once your child has more confidence and has improved his or her reading skills, you can focus on helping him or her to diversify the texts read.  

Act Out the Stories

Regardless of how colorful your child's book is or exciting the story is, he or she can easily lose interest in the story. Without any interest in the story, your child could be hesitant to keep moving forward with learning.  

One way you can spice up the stories is to act them out with your child. Instead of just reading it, make it into a fun play. You can encourage your child to use various voices for the characters. You can even dress up and stage the scenes, if desired.  

Set a Good Example

Parents are the first role models for their children, so what you do matters. If your child never sees you reading, you could have a difficult time convincing him or her how important it is to read.  

The best way you can motivate your child to read is to set a good example. Let your child see you reading. As you read books, share what is exciting about the stories with your child. The more appealing you make reading seem, the likelier it is your child will want to read, too. 

Motivating your child to learn how to read can sometimes be challenging, but it is well worth it. Talk to your child's teacher and consult with literacy specialists to learn other ways you can kickstart your child's interest in reading while at an early age.