3 Tips For Starting A New Exercise And Fitness Plan

Everyone knows that exercise is important. However, even though it is common knowledge that it is important to your health to be active, it is easier said than done. If you haven't been active for some time, it can be hard to get back into exercising regularly. Luckily, someone who has been very sedentary can even start exercising with a doctor's permission. Here are some tips for helping you get started with exercise and keep it going.

1. Start in Small Intervals

One of the worst mistakes that people make is starting out too big too soon. When you do this is can ruin your chances of keeping it going. For example, if you haven't ran for years and then get out and try to run 1-2 miles without stopping you will make yourself sick. There is a good chance that you will feel a great deal of pain in your stomach, get light headed and feel incredibly sore. This will make it harder the next day to try again.

Instead, you should try doing a combination of walking and jogging until you can build up to running. Although it will take time, it will be better for your body and it will make it more manageable so that you are more likely to stick with it.

2. Avoid Extremes

There are a lot of extreme diets and exercise programs out there. If you decide you will no longer eat any carbohydrates or sugar there is a good chance that you won't be able to sustain it. Don't try to go from not doing any gym time, to going 2-3 times a day. You probably won't be able to sustain it and you will end up giving up all together because it was too hard. Instead, start eating healthier in moderation. Choose a couple days a week to go to the gym, and then if desired, you can move into going more.

3. Find A Partner Or Trainer

If you have someone that you go to the gym with, you are much more likely to do it. If you don't have a friend who will go with you, hire a trainer who can hold you accountable. If you know that someone is planning on you being there it is much easier to keep your appointments. Consider getting a gym membership with a friend, so you can be accountable to one another.

By following these simple things you can make those changes that you want to get healthy and get fit.