Early Childhood Education, It’s Benefits, And What Parents Need To Know

Why are early childhood education programs important? Take a look at what parents need to know about early learning and the developmental benefits of preschool. What Is Early Child Education?  As the name implies, these programs provide an early (or before the start of formal elementary school) education for young children. Early childhood services include private preschools and publicly funded programs that provide full-time and part-time care, supervision, and educational activities. Read More 

How To Choose The Right Kindergarten For Your Child

Enrolling your child in kindergarten can be a great challenge for many parents. This is especially difficult if you are emotionally attached to your child and fear they will not cope in a new environment.  However, part of being a parent is knowing when to let your child explore the world on their own. Therefore, before you enroll them in kindergarten, perform due diligence to ensure they go to the right institution. Read More 

Special Education Distance Learning Program: Creative Literacy Games

If your child is struggling to make literacy gains, the educational fallout can feel overwhelming. The right special education distance learning program can help your child navigate literacy hurdles with creative approaches to teaching basic phonetic skills. Here are some literacy techniques used by special education distance learning programs. Musical Phonetics When students struggle with literacy, their vocabulary can fail to keep pace with their intellectual development. Special education distance learning programs often use music to reinforce phonetic patterns and identify root-word construction. Read More 

3 Reasons To Embrace An Early Childhood Education Program

When choosing care for their children, parents face a seemingly endless array of options. One option is a preschool or pre-k program that focuses on early childhood education. While early childhood education programs incorporate many options for play, they also strive to develop a strong educational foundation. Here are a few reasons for parents to embrace an early childhood education program.  1. Kids Develop an Early Appreciation for Learning It's never too early to get children excited to learn. Read More 

How To Inspire Toothbrushing Through Reading

Young children may not want to brush their teeth for a variety of reasons. They may not have the fine motor skills to easily brush, they may be intimidated by an unfamiliar activity, or they may simply have not built the habit of brushing their teeth yet. However, it's important that young children brush their teeth every day. The good news is that parents have many tools available to help inspire an interest in tooth brushing. Read More